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"No Collection Too Big Or Too Small"

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Can't beat value on a variety of gold products

One minute you're walking into our shop, the next you're walking out with a handful of cash, a new gold watch, a shiny ring or a valuable necklace - that's what happens when you buy or sell gold products at Security Rare Coins.


Gold has been the one form of currency that has withstood the test of time. Get security and value for money by investing in gold - national currencies may fluctuate and devalue, but gold remains consistent. Stop by today!

Honest pricing

Trust that your gold item is being appraised at the current market price every time, ensuring you always get your money's worth when you sell to us. We also refine our own gold, allowing us to pay 30-40% more than other stores!

What we buy

-Broken or damaged jewelry

-Class rings


-Scrap gold, silver, or platinum

-Gold or silver medals

-Jewelry with missing stones

-Old paper money or coins

-Gold and silver coins

-Wedding bands

-Unwanted grills

-Charms or lockets

-Engagement rings

-Mismatched earrings

-Broken chains, bracelets, or


Feast your eyes on our expansive showroom

Don't wait to see what a superior inventory of gold products looks like. Come browse our shop and plan your next buy or sell, or take a peek right here.

variety of gold products valuable jewelries with cash two gold rings gold watch