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"No Collection Too Big Or Too Small"

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Exclusive options for your silver desires

In addition to buying and selling designer pieces, we also purchase all types of fine metals, including scrap metal! We buy and sell silver based on the current market price to ensure that you are getting the best possible price for your item.


Bring in your silver item today or stop in to browse our vast inventory of eclectic silver pieces. Check out what our showroom has to offer here!

Get quality prices for your silver here

Purchase silver jewelry, coins and other items from us for a reliable and solid investment. We're also giving sizable payments for all U.S. silver and gold coins. Silver dollars, silver coins, sterling silver (sterling flatware, sterling jewelry, Franklin mint sterling), forks, spoons, trays and bowls.

A silver lining that brings fast cash

Work personally with our staff to receive the best price possible on your valuable silver and an immediate cash payment. Visit us today!

What we buy

-Broken or damaged jewelry

-Class rings


-Scrap gold, silver, or platinum

-Gold or silver medals

-Jewelry with missing stones

-Old paper money or coins

-Gold and silver coins

-Wedding bands

-Unwanted grills

-Charms or lockets

-Engagement rings

-Mismatched earrings

-Broken chains, bracelets, or


silver band and earrings different silver utensils silver and gold coins elegant set of silverware